Social Club Programs Designed
around Family Values

MV Club Discover Me Program

For kids from 4-7 years old

Each camper suddenly finds himself a superhero who’s on his way to discover himself through activities. Through a series of missions, kids are able to complete a puzzle, whereby they realize and discover that the true hero is within. Kids will learn how to be a team player, accept differences, always choose integrity, think positively, and forgive others.

MV Club Connect and Team Up Program

Youth from 10-18 years

This program is based on building skills and concepts to the participants. They build up from self-discovery to leadership. Working in teams, the programs allow you to make a lot of connections, discover more talents and skills, and find the real secret of happiness in helping and serving others.

MV Play and Win Program

For Kids from 7-12 years

Are you ready for games and amusing activities? Through a program full of competitions, teams keep scoring up as they pass the challenges ahead. The more games you play; the more score you get. The top ten heroes are awarded giveaways!

MV Bond and Grow Program


Time for quality bond and family values! This family-oriented program turns the family into a collaborative team that works together to achieve yet have fun at the same time. Enjoy family bonding time, making memorable moments together, and fixing the wrong rooted ideas of education through experiential learning.

Family events are theme based through the following:

  • Family Sports Day
  • Master Chef
  • Men VS. Women
  • Mission Impossible

Sports Talent Discovery
and Hobby-based Activities

Sports Fundamental Skills Program

For Kids from 3-7 Years old

We have designed our Sports Fundamental Skills program for the young age group ranging between 3 and 7 years old. The program seeks to instil in our kids basic motor skills, namely; running, jumping, throwing, catching and more towards proper physical development to groom them for future sports endeavors.

Sports Talent Identification Program

For Kids from 6-14 Years old

For the young ones aging between 6 and 14 who are not yet aware of which sport they are most passionate about and are most naturally inclined towards, we offer our Sports Talent Identification program. Through this, the kids get to rotate between training in various sports in order to get a taste of each and be able to see which they would like to focus on for future trainings through our certified coaches who carry the duty of maintaining safety while facilitating boundless fun at the heart of our programs. This program allows parents to give space for their kids to have a say in the sport they want to be part of.

Through tryout trainings and life value talks, we aim to developing kids to excel in life and in sport. We believe in the power of family bonding, and that is why we make sure that our MV Club parents are aligned and well-educated with our methodology of cultivating fun, life values and excellent techniques.

Our sports programs do not end at just youth athleticism, but also include activities that cater to various fitness levels for adults and elderly. The club is set to offer a range of unique sports, some of which are available as of phase one: tennis, padel tennis, soccer.