A Club in the Heart Of iCity

iCity is the first-of-its-kind in Egypt, implementing the Science of Happiness throughout its designs and services.

Built over a land area of 500 feddans, iCity boasts a large and diverse bundle of facilities, including residential, commercial and administrative projects that ensure there is something for everyone. With its innovative 4-dimensional design, iCity offers separate layers for themed parks, lush outdoors and activities; the hidden motorway and parking layer; a fascinating 15km corniche connecting all the parks with walking, jogging and biking trails; and finally, the privacy of your home. With a strategic location, iCity New Cairo is set to become the new pulsing heart of New Cairo.

iCity Clubhouse

The clubhouse is in close vicinity of and overlooks MV Club, offering F&B outlets and a relaxing lounge area for adults only.