Our strategy aims at positioning MV CLUB as a playful, fully comprehensive destination that invites members to connect, compete, recreate and enjoy leading a healthier, more fulfilled lifestyle, thanks to the variety of sporting activities and communal attraction points that set the stage to lasting memories.

Everyone Plays

Joy is one of many paths to the soul. At MV CLUB, we understand that we all have fun differently. That’s why MV CLUB is the place to be whether you want to engage or disconnect, play to win or merely have fun, enjoy solo or team activities.

Now open in
iCity New Cairo

Driven by a spirited culture cultivating sports with values, MV Club brings back the long-forgotten values and finds ways to make them relevant and trendy to pass them on to current generations. At MV Club, we introduce a club that rekindles the community’s sense of belonging in an active, engaging and growing environment.