Egypt’s First
Hobby-Based Club

We are not here to satisfy the usual competitive, challenging and sport-oriented character of today’s club goers. We are here to disrupt the traditional notion of clubs and go beyond the traditional sporting concept.

Bond. Grow. Win.

We know that the fast pace of life can bring families away from each other, as they forget along the way to stop, unwind and enjoy life’s true values. MV Club is here to bring together science of happiness gurus, sport academies, and development masters, offering a unique holistic multi-layered hub that sets the stage for authentic family bonding and a unique hobby-based sporting experience where physical and personal characteristics are fully shaped.

Now open in
iCity New Cairo

Driven by a spirited culture cultivating sports with values, MV Club brings back the long-forgotten values and finds ways to make them relevant and trendy to pass them on to current generations. At MV Club, we introduce a club that rekindles the community’s sense of belonging in an active, engaging and growing environment.