A winning operational partnership

With a joint vision to empower and develop the youth in MV communities, MV Club collaborated with Wellspring to introduce a portfolio of sports activities that elevate the sporting experience beyond the traditional offering of any sports club, for a unique, untraditional, fun, social and hobby-based club.

Leveraging 10 years of experiential learning-based camps experience with top educational providers in Egypt, and partnerships with international leadership and youth development providers, WellSpring is a market leader in designing youth and family ongoing valuable programs.

WellSpring believes that the most effective way to communicate with young children is via engaging activities and hands-on learning. True to their slogan, Wellspring inspires children to let their natural desires surface to the outside by connecting each age group with the right activity through intentionally designed programs. WellSpring is now able to serve 200,000 individuals through overnight, day camps, father/mother and child camps, governmental and local school camps and international camps held in USA, Poland, Greece, Italy, Ukraine, Lebanon and Morocco. WellSpring is accredited by both Leadership Development International (LDI) and WinShape International.