Wellspring iCity Camp

Overnight camp

27-30  December
age-group 8-10  years old kids

WellSpring iCity Camp “Balance”, a camp carefully designed to help the kids develop a sense of appreciation for what they know as the “Normal” in their lives. Through fun games and activations they will learn how to Balance between different aspects of life.



4-7  September
age-group 11-13  years old kids

We believe that winning is not only about coming in first. It’s always about setting the right strategy. In a funny and energetic environment, We’re going to teach kids how to think strategically through many exciting activities and programs that suit their age


Find your treasure

28-31  August
age-group 11-13  years old kids

Providing the campers with a great treasure hunt experience to discover their values, and their inner treasures. An overnight camp program to develop their characters, teach them to cherish their values, lifestyles and their personalities.


summer in color

star Camp's Value "Behavior moderation"

21-24  August
age-group 8-10  years old kids

It focuses on teaching kids to have the power over themselves especially under stress or under specific circumstances that would result in anger, abuse- verbal or physical, or anxiety.

The camp's theme is all about colors and art as the kids will get to learn the Art and Coloring major by professional artists


Calling All Heroes

star Camp's Value "Keys of Independency"

7-10  August |  14-17  August
age-group 8-10  years old kids

We're going to help kids to start being independent in some of the things suitable for their age, and generally speaking parents help us do so by putting their kids on the first step by sending them to an overnight camp in a safe environment where we would coach them and help them.

This camp is a call for all the sports heroes to come join us and learn some new interesting sports skill including Spike Ball and Paddle tennis.


summer in motion

star Camp's Value "Original is our new trend"

24-27  July |  31   July -  3   August
age-group 8-10  years old kids

Our role here at this camp is teaching kids to make a U-turn from copying to be self-real, and to increase their self-esteem, and their beliefs in how much they value to the people around them and to themselves, as they are. By collaborating with the famous DanZone Studios we're going to teach kids some fun dancing moves while we play energetic happy music along the camp.


Summer Wet n' Wild

star Camp's Value "Social Pressure Resistance"

17-20  July
age-group 8-10  years old kids

At this camp we'll help kids to make a U-turn from feeling socially forced to be something or someone they believe they act/ live lite to being themselves and to cherish their values, their lifestyles, their families, and their personalities.

Through fun water activities and gardening majors, we will let the kids have the best wet summer ever!

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